Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2019

Der Christ des Tages - Teil LXXXVIII

Das Bistum Joliet im Nordosten von Illinois ist neben Belleville, Peoria, Rockford und Springfield eins von fünf Suffraganbistümern des Erzbistums Chicago.
Altbischof Joseph Leopold Imesch (*1931 †2015) führte seine 600.000 Katholiken und mehrere hundert Geistlichen in 120 Pfarreien von 1979 bis 2005 an.
In über einem Vierteljahrhundert unter seiner Leitung gab es zwar eine Menge Kinderficker unter seinen Priestern, aber Imesch sah in ihnen ausgezeichnete Hirten, die lediglich ab und zu ein bißchen unter mangelndem Urteilsvermögen litten, wenn sie kleine Jungs vergewaltigten.

[….] Bishop Imesch [….] defended accused clerics, saying they were good priests who exercised poor judgment and were victims of smear campaigns and reckless media coverage. [….]  Bishop Imesch had a long history of covering up pedophilia, transferring at least four accused priests inside his diocese without alerting parishioners. And he brought in a convicted child molester, the Rev. Gary Berthiaume, who had served as an associate pastor under him at a Detroit church years earlier. [….] Early in 2002, he said that some people are not traumatized by sexual abuse and that some priests who molest adolescents should be allowed back into ministry after therapy. [….]

Priesterpenisse in Messdiener zu stecken kann ja mal vorkommen. Nichts, das die Kinder ernsthaft schädige, befand der Kirchenfürst und falls sich jemand darüber beschwert, kann man den Priester ja immer noch in eine andere Pfarrei zu neuen Kinder schicken.
Nach zwei Dekaden als Bischof war Imesch immer noch überrascht wenn sich von seinen Pfaffen missbrauchte Jungs später beklagten.

[…..] Three priest case Two brothers, John and Jeff Welch sued the Diocese of Joliet Chancery , claiming three priests, John C. Slown, Arno Dennerlein and Richard Ruffalo abused them 1962-68 while they attended St. John the Baptist Church in Winfield. DuPage Circuit Judge John T. Elsner ruled a new state law extending the time limit for lawsuits in cases of sexual abuse of children cannot be applied retroactively to revive the brothers’ allegations.
Two priest case Two brothers sue the Diocese of Joliet, claiming sexual abuse by two different priests. The lawsuits filed in Will County Circuit Court brought to 15 the number of suits pending against the diocese in Will and DuPage counties, May 2006. […..]

Keine große Sache. Bisher sind ja auch bloß 42 Priester des kleinen Bistums angeklagt worden Kinder vergewaltigt zu haben.
Einige der Gottesmänner gingen dabei so fromm vor, daß es Gott vermutlich eine Freude war zuzusehen.

Damit komme ich zum Christen des Tages Nr. 88:
Pfarrer Frederick Lenczycki, 74, kam 1963 in das Priesterseminar des Bistums, wurde 1972 ordiniert und erklärte von Beginn an, er wolle mit Kindern arbeiten, er sei an  “adolescent psychology” interessiert.
Er interpretierte diesen Aufgabenbereich offenbar auf sehr spezielle Weise, wurde 1980 erstmals wegen „unknown difficulties” vom Bischof nach St. Isaac Jogues versetzt. 1984 beschuldigte ihn ein 12-Jähriger der Vergewaltigung. Die Staatsanwalt ermittelte und fand dreizehn weitere von Lenczycki missbrauchte Kinder.
Bischof Imesch bat ihn daraufhin “to spend some time away from the diocese” but that by “June of 1987” Lenczycki could return. 
Die drei Jahre verbrachte er kinderfickend in San Francisco und wurde warmherzig wieder in Jolie aufgenommen, wo er erneut Dutzende Kinder vergewaltigte.

[….] Bishop Imesch helped find Lenczycki an assignment within the Archdiocese of San Francisco and recommended him saing he was “an excellent priest” who “will do a fine job.”    During his tenure in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Lenczycki abused at least three children in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
In 1992, Lenczycki applied for faculties within the Archdiocese of St. Louis and Bishop Imesch stated “I have no reason why he should not be permitted to perform priestly ministry in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.”  During the 1990s and early 2000s numerous victims came forward, including a two former seminarians who were abused by Lenczycki at St. Charles Borromeo in 1979 one under the guise of “psychological research” and another during spiritual direction, as well as a victim who was taken to Lenczycki for “counseling” when he was approximately 10 years old.  In November 2002, the DuPage County State’s Attorney filed charges against Lenczycki for the 1984 sexual abuse.  Lenczycki pled guilty in 2004 and was sentenced to five years in prison.  Just before his release in 2006, it was decided that he was too sexually dangerous to release and he served another three years. He was released on parole in 2009 and is a registered sex offender.   Over his 25-year career as a priest, it is estimated that he sexually abused at least 24 boys in three separate states. […..]

Lenczyckis Taten sind wohldokumentiert. Orginalbriefe, Ermittlungsergebnisse, bischöfliche Schreiben aus drei Jahrzehnten kann man frei einsehen.

Mit Unterstützung seines Bischofs konnte der katholische Priester nach Herzenslust Kinder quälen.

[….] Abishop’s fatal decisions: Imesch sent Fr. Lenczycki out of state in 1985 to avoid criminal charges in the abuse of 14 boys, then Bishop didn’t disclose Lenczycki’s past to new assignments and personally covered-up firsthand knowledge of abuse Cleric molested at least 25 boys in three states, convicted in 2004 The story of Father Frederick Lenczycki is the perfect example of how Bishop Imesch’s criminal cover-up of sexual abuse allowed a predator cleric to destroy dozens of children across three states.Fr. Lenczycki admitted to abusing boys as early as 1984, even providing the names of victims to church officials. Instead of calling the police, Bishop Imesch sent Lenczycki to Missouri and then to California to avoid criminal prosecution. In both states, Lenczycki quietly underwent treatment and worked in local parishes. All the while, he continued to sexually abuse children. In addit ion, Imesch didn’t disclose Lenczycki’s past crimes to officials at his later assignments in Missouri, where he continued to abuse minors. By 2002, Imesch could no longer keep a lid on the allegations against Lenczycki and was forced to bring him back to Illinois to face charges. In 2004, Lenczycki pled guilty to abusing 3 boys. When his sentence ended in 2006, the cleric was remanded back to prison as a sexually violent predator. Lenczycki was released in 2009 and is a registered sex offender in Illinois. He currently lives in Berkeley, Illinois.[….]

Wieso sieht Jesus tatenlos zu, wenn seine Gottesmänner so agieren?
Womöglich schätzt der Gottessohn ja die speziellen sexuellen Gewohnheiten des triebhaften Gottesmannes.

Lenczycki schätzte es nämlich seine Opfer wie das Jesuskind selbst zu verkleiden, bevor er sich an ihnen verging. Er versuchte also gewissermaßen Jesus selbst zu begatten. In der perversen Phantasie des Katholizismus, in der Gott seine eigene Mutter schwängert und Nonnen sich allesamt als Ehefrauen dieses Gottes verstehen, fühlte sich Lenczycki so seinem Schöpfer näher.

[….] A pedophile Catholic priest made young boys dress up as the Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes then sexually abused them. Frederick Lenczycki, 74, admitted two counts of sodomy Thursday, after a court in St Louis, Missouri, was told how he molested two boys between 1991 and 1994. [….] One of the victims had his genitals repeatedly grabbed by Lenczycki, while the pervert clergyman kept trying to rip the second one’s clothes off. They were attacked while he was chaplain of St Louis’s DePaul Health Center. [….] Lenczyski admitted his crimes in St Louis County Circuit Court Thursday [….] Those youngsters told how the priest, who they knew as Father Fred, would swaddle them in cloths like the Baby Jesus was after being born. He did so under the guise of organizing religious pageants, which never took place, and which were used as a front for the abuse. [….]  Lenczyski admitted that sex abuse in 2004 and was jailed for five years. Randy Kanaday, who is one of the two victims Lenczyski admitted attacking at Thursday’s court hearing, said the pervert’s guilty plea would help put his ordeal behind him. [….]  Church and court files seen by the paper say Lenczyki admitted abusing up to 30 boys across Illinois, Missouri and California over the course of 25 years. [….]

Immer wenn man denkt, keine Gräueltat eines katholischen Priesters könne einen noch überraschen…
Dann kommt eine Sexsoutane daher, die bizarren Fetisch-Jesus-Baby-Sex-Rollenspielen frönt und von dem Bischof als „guter Mann mit möglicherweise schlechtem Urteilsvermögen“ gelobt wird.